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Ken Niese

Division Owner

3364 Hinesville Rd

Shelby, Ohio 44875



Mr. Niese has been involved in the Rover Pipeline Project / Kinder Morgan “Utopia” Pipeline Project.  On these projects Mr. Niese helped both the Pipelines and the Landowners to make sure that the drain tile that was impacted was restored back to Pre-Existing conditions.  This was accomplished by designing Drain Tile Relocation & Reclamation Plans (DTR&R Plans) for each individual landowner whom their drain tile was impacted.  These Plans helped eliminate drain tile within the right-of-way for the Pipeline Companies and provided a great solution for the landowners drain tile. Mr. Niese, along with his drainage operation installed the DTR&R Plans for landowners in Ashland, Richland, Crawford, and Seneca Counties.


During the Construction Phase of the Rover Pipeline Mr. Niese was hired as the Drain Tile Inspector for Ashland, Richland, Crawford, and Seneca Counties spread. Mr. Niese oversaw all drain tile repairs on this Spread to make sure the tile repairs were being done correctly by the Pipeline Contractor. That was hired to repair the drain tile.

Mr. Niese helped Capital Power - 90 Wind Turbine Farm Project to locate the existing drain tile and prepare road construction Plans for the landowner that were involved.

Mr. Niese is truly knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to collecting GPS Data, Mapping of Data, and working with an ESRI system.  The ESRI system builds all the data into one system that will and can be shared with all parties involved with the Projects.

Mr. Niese is a co-owner of Crawford Drainage Co. LTD.   With 49 years of experience in Farm Drainage, Dirt Moving, Erosion Control, Pond Building, Waterway Construction and Open Ditch Work.


Mr. Pullins worked on the Rover Pipeline Project as the Drain Tile Superintendent during and after Pipeline Construction.  Mr. Pullins helped to develop Drain Tile Relocation and Reclamation Plans (DTR&R Plans) for all landowners within the Project.  These Plans helped both the landowner and Pipeline Company make sure the drain tile was restored back to pre-existing Pipeline conditions before and after the Rover Pipeline was completed.  Mr. Pullins also helped on the Utopia Pipeline Project designing DTR&R Plans for both the landowner and Pipeline Company to make sure all drain tile would be restored back to pre-existing Pipeline Conditions.  Pullins Drainage and Excavating LLC (Paul Pullins’ Company) completed the drain tile repairs/relocation on the Scioto Ridge Wind Project, consisting of 73 Turbines in Hardin and Logan County Ohio.  All drain tiles were moved to a distance of 150’ from all Wind Turbines and repaired all drain tile damaged during the Turbines construction and the installation of all electric lines.  Pullins Drainage and Excavating LLC also resolved all ponding of water issues that developed because of aspects of the construction of the Wind Turbine during the Scioto Ridge Project. 


Paul Pullins
Drain Tile Superintendent

12662 Shanley Rd
Quincy, OH 43343

(937) 539-0621
Email -

Additional company owned
Paulette Prince
Executive Administrator
12662 Shanley Rd
Quincy, OH 43343
(937) 539-2029
Email -

Miss. Prince has been involved with the Rover Pipeline, Kinder Morgan “Utopia” Pipeline, and the Scioto Ridge Wind Farm Projects.  During these projects Paulette managed the daily and weekly reports/paperwork necessary for the completion of the Projects.  Miss. Prince helped to arrange any meetings that were necessary to collect the data from the landowners.  Miss. Prince was the liaison between the Companies and the Drainage Contractors for the Projects


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